Scientific Areas of Interest

Dr. Brunst works especially in the four areas mentioned below. Futher information can be found on the respective sub-pages.

Information (technology) law engages in the reactions of jurisprudence on the developments of modern information technology. Legal informatics puts a focus on the technical implementation of solutions. Dr. Brunst has worked in both areas extensively.

Information law is a cross-sectional matter that relates to civil law, public law, and criminal law. Dr. Brunst clearly focuses on the research questions in the criminal law area which is often coined as “cybercrime“. Dramatic consequences can occur, when terrorists use the Internet to follow their goals. Academia differentiates between a terrorist use of the Internet (i.e. for spreading propaganda) on the one hand side and cyberterrorism (i.e. use of the Internet for violent acts). Often, however, both acts are often mixed together under the term “cyberterrorism”.